Limited company directors contracts
& legal advice

If you need legal advice for any aspect of running your limited company as a director, Baron Grey are on hand. Let us take the pressures off your shoulders by offering you legal counsel on anything you may need help with – from financial to contractual issues.

Directors & executives service contracts

The terms on which directors and executives are employed are often closely examined. Companies and their shareholders need carefully drafted service agreements, which regulate a directors’ terms of appointment or that of executives. We can draft and negotiate executives and directors service agreements, guiding you through every step of the process.

The Companies Act is the starting point. Tax efficiency and the demands of the Inland Revenue must also be considered, often in conjunction with accountants. Executive directors are usually employees of a company – this has implications in respect of both employment and

equal opportunities legislation. Case law also affects the ways that directors are employed and paid.

Directors Contracts & Duties

Our solicitors regularly give advice to directors on their duties, rights and obligations as shareholders in limited companies.

A director is usually both an employee and an officeholder. As a result, it is often preferable for the terms of employment to be clearly established in a written service agreement. If the director is an independent contractor, this can be achieved with a consultancy agreement.

It is important that all company directors properly understand their duties under The Companies Act, common law and other legislation. We will keep you fully informed and up-to-date with the latest information.