Concerned about disputes with shareholders?

Protect your company and your shareholders with a shareholders’ agreement. Not only will it save time in the event of a dispute, but potentially could save you and your shareholders a lot of money in legal costs. We can help you with preparing, advising or enforcing a shareholders agreement.

Setting up shareholders’ agreements

We have dealt with all aspects of shareholders’ agreements and have used our knowledge of high court litigation over disputed agreements to ensure that potential problems in the future are catered for in advance. This helps us avoid disputes that can be damaging to your company and shareholders alike.

A shareholder agreement can be entered into by the shareholders of your company. It’s like a partnership agreement typically drafted for resolving issues such as those arising when one of the shareholders dies, or when unanimous agreement cannot be reached and a deadlock arises between shareholders, or when a shareholder wants to sell their interest.

Resolving disputes with shareholders’ agreements

When disputes between shareholders happen and solicitors are instructed to resolve conflicts, a shareholders agreement is the document to which the shareholders can turn to try and resolve their dispute. If there is no shareholder agreement, reaching a settlement may be far more difficult. This often results in parties resorting to legal proceedings and incurring unnecessary costs.