Legal advice for your business

Whether you’re a sole trader or a partnership, you might find yourself bogged down with legal paperwork and financial issues. Let our team here at Baron Grey step in and relieve you of some of the additional legal pressures a business can face.

Sole traders

If you’ve struck out on your own or have teamed up with colleagues, we provide all the legal advice and support you need to enable your business to flourish. You can turn to us for help with everything you need, from tax self assessment to fully organising your accounts.


Partnerships & joint ventures

When two or more people come together for a common business venture, they are essentially faced with a choice of four different legal entities to structure their relationship of proceeding:

  • incorporation (Ltd / PLC);
  • forming a limited liability partnership (LLP);
  • a traditional partnership or
  • a joint venture

Different considerations determine which legal framework is appropriate to any given situation. Those who are interested in a relationship for the duration of a specific project will choose a joint venture arrangement. A joint venture agreement looks quite different from that made for a partnership, and each has their own tax and legal implications.

If you’re considering forming a partnership or taking part in a joint venture, get in touch today.