Criminal defence solicitors for every type of crime

When you think of crime, you may only think of the serious side of criminal law – robbery, assault, kidnapping and worse. However, even the smaller criminal offences can have a major impact on your life. For example, we have dealt with numerous traffic offences over the years on behalf of our clients.

In recent years, we have expanded to the point where we now accept instructions in criminal defence work that includes general crime, serious fraud and appellate work. We also accept instructions in private prosecutions.

Our cases range from the minor to the most serious – from the police station to the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court and the Appellate Courts. We also represent claimants in applications for compensation from the Home Office for miscarriages of justice.

Upholding criminal law & human rights

We believe that a proper balance must be struck between undue interference with personal liberties and the need to fight crime. All public bodies such as the police must act reasonably and must comply with the European Convention on Human Rights. We accept instructions from clients who seek to claim against public bodies, should evidence exist that their human rights have been infringed by such bodies.