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Drink driving once again hit the headlines this month when Ant McPartlin, part of the famous and long-standing duo “Ant and Dec”, was arrested and subsequently charged with driving with excess alcohol.

Drink driving is one of those unusual offences in so much as it is prevalent across the whole spectrum of society. Most offending can broadly be associated with a root cause such as poverty or drug addiction. It is no shock that that a higher percentage of offenders have mental health problems than exist in the population at large. Drink driving on the other hand has no underlying factors other than the perception of risk – taking a chance that you feel fine, or you won’t get caught, or it’s not really that bad. Young or old, rich or poor, male or female, it doesn’t matter.

I’m not pre-judging Ant McPartlin, and none of us should either. He hasn’t been convicted of any offence. He may plead not guilty. We shouldn’t trust all we read in the papers, particularly when the family in the other vehicle splash their story all across the pages of a tabloid newspaper before the matter has even gone to court.

What I can say is that drink driving and other alcohol-related driving offences such as being drunk in charge of a vehicle can be a complex area of law to deal with. It may not be as simple as drinking alcohol, getting in a car and then driving. What if you drank the night before, feel fine, and then make the decision to drive to work? Do you know if you are over the alcohol limit?

What about the scenario where you’ve had a few drinks, you’ve locked yourself out of your home, and you make the decision to get in your car, turn on the engine in order to get the fans blowing hot air to warm you up, and then you fall asleep? You may not think so, but you are putting yourself at risk of being charged with a criminal offence.

The consequences of a conviction can be devastating. Not only will you lose your licence, but it may also mean losing your job. What do you do if you need your car in order to earn a living? What if your wife and your children rely on you financially? Even if this isn’t the case, your conviction may mean that the holiday to the United States is now off, as they won’t let you into the country with a criminal conviction.

Here at Baron Grey Solicitors we won’t judge you. Good people sometimes make bad decisions.  It’s our job to convince the court that you deserve a second chance.

Should the offence be denied, then we have access to the best experts and counsel in the country to assist you in winning your case. You will find our tailored approach to your case second-to-none. You will always receive good, honest, straightforward advice. You expect high standards. We deliver them.

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